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Thank you to Diego at Soledad en masa who sent me this beautiful song for the coming baby. The song is Arrullo de Dios por el Maestro de Maestros, José Alfredo Jiménez. Diego should know about good music, he is an accomplished Mariachi musician.

Song lyrics by José Alfredo Jiménez (México)

Esta casa la compro sin fortuna
Esta casa la compro con amor
pa’ que jueguen mis hijos con la luna
pa’ que jueguen mis hijos con el sol

Yo les quiero dejar lo que no tuve
yo los quiero mirar poco a poco crecer
y alcanzar una nube

Yo quisiera que Dios,
Que Dios los arrullara
y un mañana distinto,
y un distinto mañana
también que Dios les regalara…

Yo les quiero dejar lo que no tuve
yo los quiero mirar
poco a poco crecer
y alcanzar una nube

Yo quisiera que Dios,
que Dios los arrullara
y un mañana distinto,
y un distinto mañana
también que Dios los despertara…

Below are two versions of the song:

Don’t laugh, but I really want one of these Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers.  I think they are cool and would be a very good way for Daddy to bond with baby and take him/her everywhere.  As an added bonus, I don’t have to worry about dropping the baby (as long as he is strapped in correctly).  These baby carriers are pretty pricey though, at about $100 – $125.  Any thoughts?

I know that these modern baby carriers are not  very Mexicano or Latino in the traditional sense, but I am sure that I would not look very manly sporting un Rebozo Mexicano.  If anybody has heard of something traditional for men, please let me know.  I know I need to do more research if there is anything out there for men.


P.S. I found this cool website on how to use a rebozo

For more information on rebozos and their use in childbirth and traditional societies, check out the Rebozo Way Project.  This site was very cool.  I will do some more Rebozo research and post a follow up. 


Lunar Eclipse
Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

We had a total lunar eclipse tonight, February 20, 2008, viewable from both North and South America. My Mexican mother-in-law called my wife and told her not to go outside during the eclipse and to close all the windows so that no moonlight came into our home. Responding to my wife’s Americanized disbelief, my mother-in-law told her a tale of a long time ago when a distant relative had a miscarriage for failing to heed the pregnancy/eclipse warnings.

At about the same time, I was driving home from work and called my wife from my cell phone to warn her about the lunar eclipse—something I had remembered from my Mexican upbringing. She responded, “too late, my mom already called me to warn me.” We both tried but could not remember the Mexican reason for not going outside during an eclipse while pregnant.

Even though its probably just a Mexican myth passed down from generation to generation, I told my wife not to take any chances with our baby. We both stayed inside and I closed all the shutters and all the blinds like a good Mexican husband. As long as I could help it, no moonlight was coming in! Better to be safe than sorry. I love my Mexican culture and its effects on me! 🙂

I was curious, so here is what I found online about the Mexican Folk Beliefs regarding pregnancy, eclipse and other natural and supernatural things: Read the rest of this entry »

Recuerdo que mi Mamá nos ponía a rezar esta oración cuando yo era niño:

Ángel de la Guarda, dulce compañía,
No me desampares ni de noche ni de día.
No me dejes solo que me perdería.
Jesús en la vida, Jesús en la muerte,
Jesús para siempre.

Esta oración también:

Cuatro esquinitas tiene mi cama,
Cuatro angelitos que me la guardan.
Dos en la cabecera, dos en los pies,
y la Virgen en medio, que es mi compañera.
Santa Ana y San Joaquín, guardad mi alma,
Que me voy a dormir.

Pienso que yo le voy a pasar estas mismas oraciones a mi bebe.

Do you have any childhood prayers or baby prayers that you want to share with me (and my two readers)? It doesn’t matter what language or tradition. I would just like to see what other prayers I can learn for our baby.

We are now 18 weeks pregnant! Whew!! Officially half-way through a full-term pregnancy (36-40 weeks is considered full-term). Our next scheduled ultrasound is on February 28, 2008. The ultrasound should show the sex of the baby. Anybody want to place a friendly bet? I will keep you posted.

Many people have asked me “do you want a little boy or a little girl?” I really have no preference.  As long as the baby is healthy, that is all I care. Its like winning the lottery and then someone asks, “do you want the prize in $10 dollar bills or $20 bills?” It doesn’t matter because you still have won the lottery. I would love a little girl. I would also love a little boy.  No matter what, the baby and my wife are going to be the center of my world.

This whole preganancy/baby life event has changed my life in so many positive ways. I hope you, dear reader, experience it one day (if you haven’t already done so). It’s a beautiful thing so far.

Prayer for Expectant Mothers

All loving God,
you created the human family
as a reflection of your own divine life
so that your creation might share in your happiness.

Hear our prayer for your daughter
who awaits the birth of her child.
She has cooperated with you in giving life.
Assist her now as she prepares to give birth
to the child in her womb.
May Mary be her guide and support,
calming her fears and strengthening her love.

May your daughter be filled with your peace and blessing
so that she may bring her child into this world
safely and in good health to the praise and
glory of your name.


Here is the original version of When I Grow Up (To Be a Man) by the Beach Boys. Maybe Chano from the 3rd World House blog can do an analysis of this song just like did for Prince’s I Would Die 4 U. He wrote a very good post about songwriting. I urge you to check it out here.

I love this song for many reasons. It is so simple yet very complex. I love the harmonies. Its like a symphony of voices, all fighting in sync to be heard. I love the sound. I love the falsetto voices. I love the lyrics, especially now with what is happening in my life. The lyrics are sweet, short, and profound. A thought from youth–how will I be when I grow up? What kind of man will I be? What will my kids think of me? And finally, an acknowledgment that time marches on and won’t last forever.

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View this montage created at One True Media
Las Cunas 2/2/08

Saturday, February 2, 2008, was a wonderful day for us. Momma-to-be and I went shopping for a baby crib for the first time! We are not ready to buy a crib yet; we just wanted to see what was out there and check prices. I made a short photo montage (with sound) to record this stupendous event. Just click on the link in the photo above.

I must say that shopping for a crib was a wonderful and happy experience for us. I am really enjoying being a father already, even though the baby is not here yet technically. On the one hand, I am so happy and overjoyed, full of pride. On the other hand, nothing can prepare you for the feelings and emotions brought on by fatherhood.

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