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Las Cunas 2/2/08

Saturday, February 2, 2008, was a wonderful day for us. Momma-to-be and I went shopping for a baby crib for the first time! We are not ready to buy a crib yet; we just wanted to see what was out there and check prices. I made a short photo montage (with sound) to record this stupendous event. Just click on the link in the photo above.

I must say that shopping for a crib was a wonderful and happy experience for us. I am really enjoying being a father already, even though the baby is not here yet technically. On the one hand, I am so happy and overjoyed, full of pride. On the other hand, nothing can prepare you for the feelings and emotions brought on by fatherhood.

We went to Baby Town in the Valley because I read an advertisement in a Baby/Parent Magazine (yes, I have started to read those!) where Baby Town claimed to have over 70 models on their showroom floor. For furniture, I always think its better to see and touch in person, instead of just seeing it in a catalog or online. Baby Town’s claim appears to be true, so as you can imagine, we saw at least 70 cribs today. Let me also say that there were lots of pregnant ladies shopping at Baby Town. For some reason that thought hadn’t occurred to me before, but seeing all the pregnant ladies together in one place was cool. Some were ready to deliver, some already had kids, and some had small bellies with a ways to go.

We found out that we don’t like white colored cribs. No real reason, it just didn’t feel right. We prefer the medium-dark or dark woods, but not black. It was fun looking at all the crib bedding and accessories, too, especially because we don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet. That means we got to look at all the pink stuff and the blue stuff. If its a boy, I really liked the animal themed stuff. Like having friendly-looking giraffes, monkeys, bears, zebras, etc. hanging around inside the crib and on the curtains and walls. A baby zoo if you will. I also decided that I would want to stay away from the sports theme or racing cars theme. Again, no real reason, it just didn’t feel right. Besides, I just think the animals look really cool! If its a girl, we like the princess theme and also the ladybug theme. I happened to se a Pink Giraffe stuffed animal so if its a little girl I can get that for her, too.

We spent at least an hour and a half at Baby Town, criss crossing the store various times to make sure that we had seen everything that needed to be seen. We left Baby Town with some good ideas and with lots of happiness, thinking pleasant thoughts about our baby. We capped off the afternoon with some well-earned tacos and some Jamaica!