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This baby is eating lots of cereal and fruits and vegetables! That is my observation so far. As an expecting mother, my wife is eating lots of bowls of cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios to be exact. Way more cereal than she used to eat before being pregnant. I think its because her body is asking for lots and lots of calcium which the milk over the cereal provides.

Mom-to-be is also eating tons of fruit and vegetables. I can’t keep enough fruit in stock at home. I would say lots of bananas (at least two a day), grapes, apples (I buy Fuji and Gala apples–she won’t eat the Granny Smith), oranges, nectarines, and whatever else is fresh. Yesterday, I bought a bag of fresh cherries that were on sale at Vons Supermarket and the bag is almost completely empty already.

I buy most of my fresh produce at Vallarta Supermarket in Oxnard. They have the best and freshest produce that I have found, a wide variety, and at very low prices. You can’t be it in these parts. And, contrary to stereotype, Vallartas is a Latino supermarket that is very super clean and doesn’t smell like “Mexican Market”. If you’ve ever gone to a old, crusty Mexican Market or carniceria in the neighborhood, you know the “Mexican Market” smell as soon as you enter the door or simply walk by on the street in front of their open entrance. In fact, I have observed that Vallartas always has at least one or two persons on clean up duty full-time. Read the rest of this entry »

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