A good friend of mine told me that, with respect to our family, we are like Picasso painting a masterpiece. Each day you add a brush stroke or different color.  When you start painting, you don’t know what the finished piece is going to look like. As the years go by, you take a step back and begin to see the masterpiece that you are creating by your actions each day–your family. By your actions and how you treat your family, you can either paint a beautiful picture, or you can paint a nightmare scene.  I really like that analogy.

Yeah, I am definitely painting my masterpiece every day. One thing that I really enjoy (more than I thought I would) is singing to my baby to put him to sleep at night. I sit in the wooden rocking chair, baby in my arms, lights dimmed really low. I just put on some lullabies on Itunes and sing away softly while he is in my arms and  he stays looking at me with those beautiful eyes of his. At that moment, I forget about time. I forget about work. I forget about everything else in this world and its just me and my son. Priceless.