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Don’t laugh, but I really want one of these Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers.  I think they are cool and would be a very good way for Daddy to bond with baby and take him/her everywhere.  As an added bonus, I don’t have to worry about dropping the baby (as long as he is strapped in correctly).  These baby carriers are pretty pricey though, at about $100 – $125.  Any thoughts?

I know that these modern baby carriers are not  very Mexicano or Latino in the traditional sense, but I am sure that I would not look very manly sporting un Rebozo Mexicano.  If anybody has heard of something traditional for men, please let me know.  I know I need to do more research if there is anything out there for men.


P.S. I found this cool website on how to use a rebozo

For more information on rebozos and their use in childbirth and traditional societies, check out the Rebozo Way Project.  This site was very cool.  I will do some more Rebozo research and post a follow up. 


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