This past Sunday, Mom2be and I went to the Thousand Oaks Mall to burn a gift card we received for the Baby Gap. All of a sudden we walked past this store called Build-A-Bear. We see a bunch of kids in there having fun and getting really excited building teddy bears. Of course, I immediately think of our son and how cool it would be for us to build a bear for him and his room.

It was a very cool experience! I actually had more fun in there that I imagined. Mom2be and I jointly picked the bear, a compromise as usual. We also picked out his teddy bear clothes. The teenage girl clerk asked us if we wanted to record a sound for the teddy bear. What??? Yes, we could record a 10-second message that would play every time the bear’s paw was squeezed. Of course! So we went into the recording studio (the women’s bathroom) and recorded a 10-second greeting in Espanol for our son.

The teenage clerk then had us pick out 2 red velvety hearts, one for each of us parents. Then we each kissed and rubbed them on our own hearts before putting them inside the teddy bear while making a wish. I wished and prayed for a beautiful and peaceful delivery with no complications, and for a healthy baby and mother.

All in all, it was happy experience which I thoroughly enjoyed, made even more special because I thought of our son the whole time. Below are a few of photos of Osito in his new home, waiting for Baby along with us.

Osito para Bebe