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Happy news! Although Mom2be had been feeling little “butterflies” for the last two weeks, we finally felt the Baby move for the first time today, March 28, 2008, at 11:00 a.m. Mom2be called me over, very excited and told me, “the baby just moved!” I put my hand on the belly, hoping with all my heart that I could also feel the movement. Sure enough, our baby kicked again to let me in on the fun. I immediately put my face to the belly and, in a warm voice, said, “Hi baby! Its Poppa!! Thanks for letting us know your there!! I can’t wait for you to come out and play!! We love you!” About 10 seconds later another kick(!) to confirm that baby had received my message (okay, that last part is my wishful thinking).

Then, I guess baby went back to sleep or whatever he is doing there inside the belly. Needless to say, this little moment of joy made my day, my week, my month, my year!

Yesterday was the fourth day in a row that we ate at Togo’s Sandwiches in Westlake Village. “Togo’s is what the baby craves” my wife tells me. So Togo’s it is. At least for this week (because the cravings change all the time she says). My wife ordered the same thing every time–the half sandwich and half salad combination. A #26 Turkey, Ham and Cheese on Honey Wheat Bread (light on the Mayo and add Jalapenos) and the Asian Chicken Salad. The sandwich guys at the counter got to know us well from coming in every day. They were very sypmathetic when I told them that my wife was pregnant and that the baby craved Togos. “A Togo’s Baby!” they said. Cheers to Jesse and the rest of the crew at Togo’s in WLV. He makes great sandwiches and keeps the baby happy for now.

A couple of weeks ago the baby was craving Carne Asada Burritos from King Taco all the time. However, we could only go to King Taco on the weekends since the nearest King Taco is an hour away in Pasadena.

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