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Give a “Hell YEAH!!” My son rolled over by himself for the first time today!!

Rock the Vote

I took my son, Baby M, to vote with me on Tuesday morning, November 4, 2008.  Actually, the three of us, Mom, Dad and Baby M, went together as a Familia to vote.  It was a great feeling to particpate in Democracy as a family. I knew that this vote would have historical significance for generations to come, and I wanted my son to be a part of history. 

As we walked to the polling place, an old Senior Citizen at the front door took a look at Baby M in my arms and quipped with a smile, “he looks kind of young to vote, I bet they are going to check his ID inside”.  I smiled and responded that Baby M was going in to vote for Obama! 

Inside the polling place, my son was a hit with everybody there. I estimated that there was about 60 people in line. Baby M was very well-behaved throughout the process and did not cry or make any noise.  He was too busy, wide-eyed, looking around at all the voting activity and smiling at people.  After we voted, Baby M received an “I Voted” sticker which he proudly wore all day Tuesday.

I know my son is too young to remember what happened that day. But, when he gets older, we can tell him that he participated in a historic election, and that he “voted” for Obama. Later that night, watching the election returns on TV, watching history being made, we were filled with Hope. Both my wife and I wondered aloud about what our son would grow up to be in this great country.  Would our son one day grow up to be President?  It was a night filled with Hope for the future, and Hope for many different things.

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