We have reached Week 37! Technically, we have 21 days to go as the original due date is July 23, 2008.  However, we went to see the doctor today for a regular check up.  Dr. P said that he could feel the baby’s head really low.  It was his opinion that the baby would be born anytime “within the next 2 weeks”.  My eyes almost came out of my head, as I wasn’t expecting that, so soon.  I thought we had three full weeks, but who knows, maybe baby will make an early appearance.  The good thing is that everything appears to be normal and the baby is positioned well for birth, head down.  So we are thankful that the baby is not in a breech position as that would really complicate things dramatically.  I hope its been my prayers and my mom and dad’s prayers working.

That said, we have almost everything ready for the baby.  His room is ready, the crib is waiting, empty right now.  His name is up on the wall in his room, painted blue and gold, UCLA colors.  I have really good baby music playing in his room frequently.  Its a series called Rockabye.  We bought his stroller this past weekend, and some bottles.  I have my new video camera ready, and my new digital SLR camera, too.  We installed his infant car seat last week, and we have an appointment next week with the CHP for an inspection to make sure its been installed correctly.  Mom2be made her bag tonight. I had to tell her several times to do it.  I think she was procrastinating a bit.  Its ok, we’ll get through everything just fine.

Just a waiting game now, and I will have to fill my days with prayer and meditation because life is moving at light speed right now.  I need to slow it down to fully enjoy this miracle, this gift, this blessing, this joy, this positive energy, this life, this moment.